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          • Comprehensive and dovish manufacturing Capacity

            High-speed precision stamping process,a stable and highly efficient injection molding process,for our guests to meet the high standards and high quality has always been confident.

          • Automation

            With dozens of Automatic assembly equiments and inspection equipments,to ensure a full automtic,high efficint and stable process.

          • Workshop

            precision stamping area、precision moulds machining center、precision plastic moulding area、precision moulds machining center、complete inspection area、CCD detecting system、automatization manufacture aress、cable assembly area

          • 01

            professional workshop

            More than ten years of professional experience in connectors and connectors in the fields of computer, communications, consumer electronics, lighting, medical and automotive.

          • 精密连接器


            Independent research and development

            Professional engineer, engineer, research on the spirit of originality, professional precision connector development decades precision to ensure the product R & D, high efficiency, precision and reliability.

          • 03

            Precision equipment

            The introduction of foreign precision mold manufacturing equipment, high speed precision constant pressure equipment, precision plastic molding equipment, automatic detection and assembly equipment

          Integrated Connectivity Solution Provider

          Integrity / innovation / service / win-win / pay / responsibility / growth / Thanksgiving

          National toll free service telephone

          dongguan qingda electronic co.,ltd.

          QINDA found on 2006,we are a company focus on R&D,manufacturing,sales and service comprehensiveness connection soultions supplier.We have more than ten years professional experience on the connectors and cables of computer,communition,consumer electronics,Lights,Medical and Automobile .


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